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Ricarda was born and raised in communist East Germany, when she was in high school the Wall came down and her life changed dramatically. The world opened up to Ricarda when she signed up for an exchange program and moved to Arizona as an au pair. Her number one objective became learning the English language and beginning to communicate with the new world around her. After seeing the ocean and the lifestyle on the West Coast and knew she wanted to stay in this country and she figured out what it would take to make that possible. Ricarda shares stories of how her growing up impacted her hard work ethic and personal drive to be successful. Her professional experience grew from big corporate accounting into real estate investment and community development. Ricarda shares personal experiences of how her relationships have resulted in new jobs, great connections and numerous opportunities in her life. She gives her practical tips for building our own Social Capital.

Name: Ricarda Dietsch

Company: Taylor Morrison Home Corp.

Email: rdietsch@taylormorrison.com


Company Website: https://www.taylormorrison.com/co/denver/design-studio


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