Perfectly Imperfect | May 3rd - 5th | Winter Park, CO

"Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are. Choosing authenticity means cultivating the courage to be imperfect..."

Brene Brown

Explore Your Purpose

Struggling to find purpose? Let's dig deeper to discover your why.

Ignite Your Passion

Feeling dull? Let’s light the flame of your passion and discover what drives you.

Unleash Your Power

Recognize (and own) the unique abilities within you to live the life you are created to live.

Sarah McDaniel

Sarah is an expert in cultivating mutually beneficial relationships that produce value across all aspects of our lives.

Sarah believes Social Capital is the true currency of the world and she is passionate about people harnessing their worth!

Where is it?

Join us at a fabulous, private residence in the heart of Downtown Winter Park, Colorado. Our Retreat HQ is spacious and comfortable with plenty of room for collaborating as well as for quiet time with a great book. HQ is walkable to many stores and activities and we encourage you to visit them during our Retreat "free" time.

The IMPERFECT Retreat Head Quarters
Winter Park, Colorado, 80482

All-Inclusive Accommodations


  • Day 1/Meet and Greet
  • 4-7 PM Welcome: Arrive at the Retreat
  • 4-7 PM Appetizers and Introductions
  • "Imperfect & Informal" Workshop

    (Beginning to set the stage for the weekend)

  • 7 PM Dinner and Libations
  • 8:30 PM Enjoy the Evening or Retire Early... The choice is yours.
  • Day 2/Get Down To Business

  • 7:45 AM Yoga @ Mountain Moon Yoga Center


  • 9:30 AM Breakfast and Brainstorming

  • 10:30 AM Module 1: Exploring Your Purpose

  • 11:45 AM Module 2: Igniting Your Passion

  • 1 PM Lunch Break

  • 1:30 PM Module 3: Unleash Your Power - Interactive Workshop

  • 4 PM "IMPERFECT" Celebration @ The Peak Brewery


  • 6 PM Enjoy the Evening or Retire Early... The choice is yours.

  • Evening Activity Available

    (for those interested in continued interaction/self-pay)

  • Day 3/Reflection & Relaxation
  • 7:45 AM - Yoga @ Mountain Moon Yoga Center


  • 9:30 AM Brunch @ the Retreat
  • 12:30 PM Check Out
  • Enjoy Winter Park On Your Own