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Lauren, a Colorado native, who has an extensive career in health and wellness, is full of drive and self motivation. She struggled through high school and in her senior year she realized that unless she made a major shift, she would not be able to graduate on time. She put her mind to it and was not only able to graduate early, but she also went on to college. After gaining more than the “Freshman weight” she knew she again had to make a life change to better herself. At this point, she found group exercise, fell in love with helping people in fitness and became a personal trainer. This began her nearly 20 year career in health and wellness. Lauren currently is a high level producer, keynote speaker and leader for a world wide wellness company. She is passionate about having an impact on the world around her through strong relationships and opportunities to help others live their best life possible. Lauren shares her experience with unworthiness and how she overcame negative self talk to find her confidence. Personal development is hard work and critical to our ability to have success, professionally and personally. Lauren is motivated by contribution and growth and believes we are at our best when we are pursuing our purpose. She encourages us to reflect on what makes us unique and use our unique strengths to have a greater impact on those we meet. She also reminds us that we must be thick skinned and realize that we will never please everyone. We must be willing to be confident in what we do and stand up for it with fortitude even if it ruffles feathers sometimes. Lauren believes starting each day with gratitude, positive intentions and physical fitness before she gets on her phone, social media, or email accounts. She exhorts those listening to build a financial wall around themselves to help ward against financial pressures and stresses - find your side hustle and live a life of positive impact!  


Name: Lauren Danielle

Company: Fuel For Life LLC

Email: info@lifewithlaurendanielle.com

Phone: 3038103096

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifewithlaurendanielle/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaurensL.I.F.E

Company Website: www.lifewithlaurendanielle.com


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