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Julie, a leadership trainer and development coach, is passionate about helping people lead with ease. She helps her clients learn the soft skills required for effective leadership like how to communicate more effectively in professional situations. Julie started her career at Harvard University in their Capital Gifts Fundraising group. This allowed her to meet many impressive (yet down to earth) people and understand more about how they function and engage. While working at Harvard Business School on an initiative to look at women in the workforce, Julie studied women in leadership roles and began to understand that a lack of confidence and skill as well as an inability to influence those around them is what held women back professionally. Later, Julie began working at Boston College in the Center for Corporate Citizenship and was focused on understanding employee retainment and engagement. At a pivotal moment in her career, Julie felt like she could be doing more and feel more passionate about her work. She examined what it was that she truly loved doing on a daily basis and realized that she loved the conversations she was having with driven professionals while helping them overcome the challenges they faced in becoming a strong leader. Six weeks later, Julie started a coaching certification program and her own company was launched! Understanding what makes us feel alive is key in being where you are supposed to be in life. People often want to stay in places in their careers where they are comfortable even if it may not be the best fit for them. Julie is passionate about helping people think through how to create professional opportunities that fuel them. Julie encourages us to always ask questions about those around you; this is essential in creating a deeper connection and building Social Capital. When we give people the opportunity to speak about themselves, it creates a bond through their  positive engagement with you. When teaching leadership, many just want to do what they already know to do, or want someone to do the work for them. Simplistic tools that Julie teaches helps her clients overcome things that they are resistant to do otherwise. Julie shares why she believes Emotional Intelligence, empathy and self-awareness are essential in successful leadership. When people understand themselves and one another, they are able to work together much more effectively. Building on the golden rule, Julie utilizes what she calls the Titanium rule: Speak to others the way they need to hear it. Help them hear what you are saying in a way they can receive and understand it. Be confident that as you help those around you, that network will be there to help you achieve your goals. Listen today as Julie encourages us to focus on what we can control and to stay away from forecasting about the future too much. Julie is a true Social Capitalist, listen today to hear how you can become one too!


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Welcome to Social Capital Expert, a show where we discover the value of Social Capital and how cultivating strategic relationships is critical to our success. In each episode, your host Sarah Frances McDaniel, will explore the stories of fascinating people from all over the world to understand how their ability to build relationships has led to their success. We will uncover tips, tricks and practical ways that you too can become a Social Capital Expert.  

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