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Jenn has spent her career connecting clients to their audience, bands to fans and brands to consumers. Today, she is the Founder of The Pledgettes and is passionate about supporting women on their financial journey through coaching, training and creating a moneywise community. Jenn believes that developing Social Capital is how we advance through life. Jenn grew up with a family who spoke openly about money and taught her that generosity, taking care of others, supporting the community and being a good helper to those around us are the keys to life. In high school, Jenn got connected with a street team to help sell CDs of up and coming new artists before napster and other music sharing platforms were created. She was involved in these grassroots marketing strategies and learned how to build trust and credibility. She went from marketing bands to marketing brands and became involved in experiential marketing efforts. She worked with Oscar Meyer to build their first food truck as a way to connect differently with their following. “Humans crave shared experiences and finding connections through them”, Jenn shares. Being moved by the obstacles for women in building wealth, Jenn founded The Pledgettes where she helps connect those women who are having the money talks and who have strong financial acumen with those who want to have it but don’t know where to start or how to get there. Jenn believes building Social Capital is crucial to our overall success. Feeling like we don’t have anything of value to offer can sometimes keep us from receiving the invitation to build our network, but don't let it! Enjoy the journey. Take action and go where your heart is leading you. As women look at their financial future, they often wait too long for “someday” to start. Time in the market always outperforms timing the market. Get started today! Listen to this episode of the Social Capital Expert to hear more about how Jenn grows her network daily! 


Name: Jenn Uhen

Company: The Pledgettes







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