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Bill, a Michigan native, grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and caught the “business spirit” early in life. He now runs his own company, Phoenix House, which specializes in manufacturing single family homes in off-site construction. Bill’s love for construction was developed at an early age and he credits his family and his european heritage. Bill is passionate about creating high performance homes including creating passive houses that are energy smart and responsible. He believes passive houses paired with off-site construction is a nice partnership and sees many current building trends heading in this direction. International relationships have been critical to Bill’s success and he encourages us to use communication and looking at relationships from a long-term perspective as Social Capital building blocks.  “If there is a will, there is a way!” is a phrase that he heard many times growing up and he reminds us that we must exercise strength and will to stick with an idea/inspiration for the long run - there must be “stick-to-it-ness” to achieve our dreams. Bill was invited to speak at TedxDetroit where he gave an insightful presentation focusing on the performance and off-site nature of building being like the adoption of technology in the automobile industry (Tesla). It can change everything! Bill is currently working on Phoenix House Homestead - a co-living concept that reduces costs while providing community for those who live there. Bill is excited to see where this adventure takes him as he continues to think outside the box!


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