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Andrea, a self-proclaimed Colorado native and world traveler, moved a lot as a child, living places like Atlanta, Long Island, Boston and Nigeria! After high school, Andrea got her degree in Interior Design in California where she worked for a time drafting sets for Days Of Our Lives soap opera and Sony Pictures (Columbia Pictures).  Andrea later moved back to Colorado, where she received both her Bachelor and Masters degrees at Colorado Universities. While attending a March of Dimes event, she met an architect who was looking for an interior designer. One thing led to another and quickly she found herself running her own company. Fast forward to today - Andrea has a beautiful showroom in Denver, Colorado and recently opened her second Interior Design studio in Santa Barbara, California. 

The Road to Hope is a non-profit that is close to Andrea and her family’s heart. She actively serves on the board and participates in changing the lives of children in Haiti through her involvement. She welcomes others who are interested in learning more to reach out through their website. 

Andrea believes in Karma - treat people the way you want to be treated - do the right thing and it comes back to you. She encourages us to find your passion and go after it! Her passion for design is contagious and she continues to push the envelope to tell the stories of her clients through design. Watch for Andrea’s new wallpaper line: coming soon! 



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