Let's Get Started

  • I am excited about your Grand Reveal Event and I am sending this email to confirm the understanding we reached during our meeting (3/26/19).

    I, Sarah McDaniel, agree to:

    1. Make introductions to my contacts for hosting events including passing any of my discounts on to you (As of 3/26 I have already made several beneficial introductions) 2. Review your event budget and offer suggestions where applicable to save money without jeopordizing the quality of your event

    3. Develop Sponsorship Packages to offer to potential sponsors including Sponsorship Levels with differing benefits

    4. Host an owners meeting to help them identify potential "sponsors" within their business (Discussed much of this in our owners meeting(3/26))

    5. Host a sponsorship meeting to present the benefits to the potential sponsors - warm introductions from owners required* (45% will be possible only if owners provide at least 5 ligitiment potential sponsor contacts each - 6 companies, 5 sponsor contacts = 30 total)

    6. Create a landing page with event details, rsvp link, company and sponsor profiles/contact info, automation/engagement to those who rsvp, manage attendee list (for sponsors)

    7. Create a social media package that each company is responsible to share on their pages/sites - Basic Package Included (1 Save The Date graphic, 1 piece of social content per week for up to 6 weeks before the event and $2500+ sponsor social tags)

    8. Raise 45% of the event budget including my fee in sponsorships (for example, $50,000 event budget plus my 30% fee = $65,000 and 45% of $65,000 in sponsorships is $29,250 which means you pay $35,750 for a $50,000 party receiving 30% off your original $50,000 budget even after my fee)

    IDC Owners (6 Companies represented by Angela Otten's approval) agree to:

    1. Pay Sarah McDaniel, RSVP Event Mgmt, 30% of the final budget for the IDC Reveal Event. This number will be determined by Christina Phillips and Emily, T&G Flooring, by April 15th, 2019.

    2. Any sponsorship money raised over 45% of the final budget plus my fee will be split 60% to IDC 40% to Sarah (for example, $50,000 in sponsorships is 45% of budget plus my 30% fee ($29,250) plus another $20,750. This $20,250 would be split 60% ($12,450) to IDC and 40% ($8,300) to Sarah = 84% OFF the total event budget including my fee!)

    3. Discounts received from to my contacts will be included in the 45% total savings to owners

    4. Payment in full is due 21 day prior to the event

    Thank you for confirming the agreement above by the end of the week so we do not lose precious time getting sponsors confirmed and event marketing details underway.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I am very excited about knocking this out of the park with you!

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